Middle School

The Siena School views middle school as both a transition from the elementary program and preparation for the academic rigor of high school.  As students progress from sixth to eighth grade, our middle school program provides them with a supportive environment while fostering independence and self-advocacy.

Our middle school follows the Developmental Designs approach, integrating social and academic learning.  Transitioning from morning meetings in the elementary school, middle school students participate in Circle of Power and Respect (“CPR”).  CPR consists of Greeting, Sharing, Group Activity, and News and Announcements.  CPR sets the stage for positive learning, and students are given the chance to communicate and spend time with their peers while reinforcing academic skills.

Middle school students build skills in organization, planning/executive functioning, self-advocacy and independence. They also develop academic strategies in reading, writing and research that will assist them in high school and beyond. Middle school students who are advanced in math are eligible to take Algebra I, a high school class.

The core curriculum is enhanced through experiential learning opportunities and hands-on activities.  Middle school students are given creative flexibility with assignments and projects, allowing them to make choices and guide their own process of learning.  Technology is integrated into every classroom, and students complete in-class and homework assignments on Google Drive to reinforce keyboarding skills.

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