Technology is an integral part of Siena's program and is used to both support and enhance the teaching and learning experience. Our curriculum is presented in a multimedia/multisensory format that is highly engaging and well-suited to our students' learning styles.

Classroom instruction at Siena takes full advantage of the vast content and intuitive tools available online for information gathering, organization, and creative expression. Training students to use these tools to suit their personal learning needs is a central part of our mission. Assistive software is built into every device we provide -- tools like Read&Write for Google Apps, Evernote Clearly, and features like screen magnification. The reading curriculum at Siena takes advantage of a speech recognition platform which allows students to listen to their own recorded readings, giving them immediate feedback to foster improvement.
Siena integrates technology to improve learning across the curriculum and to enhance communications between students and teachers. Students benefit from access to:
  • Assistive software for graphic organization, text-to-speech and dictation/speech-to-text
  • "Learning Ally," a library of read-along audio books
  • Access to school Chromebooks and the full Google Apps suite for research, content creation and collaboration
  • Building-wide WiFi access for personal devices
  • Online scholarly databases for primary source research
  • Multimedia hardware and software that allows students to communicate their ideas beyond the margins of a word processor
  • Software, apps and services that can be used at home for a consistent learning experience
Bring Your Own Device or BYOD programs allow students to bring the device of their choice from home and use it for academic work both in school and at home. Building familiarity with a single piece of technology and having true ownership over a device used for homework and schoolwork alike builds the kind of confidence, resilience and self-advocacy that we value as a central part of our mission. Siena is excited to continue its BYOD program for high school students. Siena will continue providing computers for students to use while on campus as in previous years, but families may now opt to have students use their own devices in addition to those owned by the school.

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