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15 Days of Giving


Help us continue celebrating The Siena School’s 15th anniversary

This year, we’re excited to launch a 15 Days of Giving campaign for the first time. Beginning on March 1, we’re spreading out this year’s fundraising event from 1 fun-filled, memorable evening to 15 days of exciting challenges, Siena memories, and more as we reach our goal for this campaign: $50,000 for The Siena School Scholarship Fund. 

When you help fund a future from March 1–15, you will change a child’s life through the opportunity of a Siena education. We thank you in advance for your generosity and support.


*The Siena School Scholarship Fund is a component fund of the Greater Washington Community Foundation. Click here to learn more about them.

See All the Giving Challenges Here!

It gives me great pleasure to be able to donate to The Siena School Scholarship Fund today. Having been the beneficiary of this Fund, I hope to be able to donate this (and more) every year. Siena gave my son a great education, and I'm in awe of the school, The Head of the School, teachers and staff, and everyone involved in the organization.      —Siena Alumni Parent

Day 7

siena~school~scholarship~fund, 15~days~of~giving
Can we increase the faculty & staff donation amount by 15% this year?

Regardless of whether your time at Siena started in the early years in the church or recently in our own building, we each have a wealth of memories and experiences. 

Midway through these 15 Days of Giving, we’d like you to consider commemorating your time at Siena with a donation to the scholarship fund—say, $5 for every year you’ve been at the school. It all adds up to help students get access to Siena's mission and learning environment.

To further amplify the impact for this challenge, a donor has agreed to match

the first $50 donated by Siena faculty and staff.  

We’ve already helped fund more Siena futures in the past week. Once we reach our goal for faculty and staff giving, we’ll reveal a fun video of Ms. Pierce chasing a pesky critter all over Siena to help celebrate.

Thank you all for giving back to the place where you already give so much. 

Day 6

siena~school~scholarship~fund, 15~days~of~giving
Can we welcome 15 new donors?

Last year we had 23 first-time donors give to The Siena School Scholarship Fund. To help us reach our scholarship goal of $50,000, today we’d like to see 15 new donors during these 15 Days of Giving. (You could even consider inviting a grandparent or other family member to give.) The more new donors we welcome into the Siena community today, the more Siena futures you can help fund. 

Can we keep growing our donor community today to unlock the Teacher Dare Videos? It’s not every day that we see teachers dancing, eating spicy foods, or performing a memorization test. 

Day 5

siena~school~scholarship~fund, 15~days~of~giving
Can you donate your child's graduation year today?

So far during our 15 Days of Giving for The Siena School Scholarship Fund, we’ve seen great generosity from our community. In only 5 days, we're over 25% of the way to our scholarship goal of $50,000.

Parents, today is your challenge day: You can help us reach our scholarship goal by honoring your child’s graduation with a donation that matches their graduating class ($20.21, $20.22, and so on)! 

To make your donations even more impactful, Jilly and David Darefsky have agreed to

match the first $500 in donations made today. 

As always, every one, every year, and every donation matters. Help us continue funding more Siena students’ futures by donating today. 

Day 5

siena~school~scholarship~fund, 15~days~of~giving

Day 4

siena~school~scholarship~fund, 15~days~of~giving
Will you accept the challenge of helping us get 15 new recurring donors for the scholarship fund?

Setting up a monthly donation for $15, $150, or $1,500 allows you to support The Siena School Scholarship fund regularly, easily, and with lasting impact. 

The math is simple but long-lasting and effective: Donating $15/month becomes $180/year. The next levels are $150/month (which becomes $1,800/year) and $1,500/month (which becomes $18,000/year). 

Spend only a few minutes setting up your recurring donation to help fund Siena students’ futures.

Unlocked: $10,000 Video

Everywhere you'll see Ms. Wendell, Ms. Fabijanic, and more in Siena's Full House video.

Unlocked: $5,000 Video

Bundle up and watch our Head of School Jilly Darefsky do the Ice Bucket Challenge.

Siena Impact Story: Amy and Jeffrey

Listen to these middle-school parents discuss how Siena has impacted their family.

Day 3

siena~school~scholarship~fund, 15~days~of~giving

We’re incredibly grateful. 

After only 2 days, we’ve made great progress toward our goal of $50,000 for The Siena School Scholarship Fund. We’ve already seen Wiley’s dance moves, and just this morning we unlocked our next 2 videos. Now we get to see Ms. D. do the Ice Bucket Challenge and (later today) the faculty's Full House video!

Whether you make a one-time or recurring donation to the scholarship fund between now and March 15, you’ll still be making a measurable difference in students’ lives. For the next 12 days and beyond, every one, every year, and every donation matters. 

Unlocked: $1,500 Video

Great work starting the celebration strong! Now let's watch Wiley dancing up a storm!

Day 2

We’ve established giving benchmarks of $1,500, $5,000, $10,000, and $25,000 on our way to $50,000 in the next 2 weeks. Once we reach each benchmark, we’ll share videos and other memories from Siena’s past—such as our Head of School doing the Ice Bucket Challenge ($5,000), the faculty’s Full House video ($10,000), and more.

Join us as we share some fun memories from Siena’s past and, along the way, fund more Siena futures.

siena~school~scholarship~fund, 15~days~of~giving

At Siena our granddaughter found a school where she was seen, heard, understood, and honored as a learner and as a person. [...] At Siena, our granddaughter found a school where she found—and could be—herself. —Siena Family 

Donate by Check

If you would like to make a donation via check, please do so by mailing the check to:

Greater Washington Community Foundation
PO Box 49010
Baltimore, MD 21297-4910

Please address your checks to: The Siena School Scholarship Fund/Greater Washington Community Foundation.

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