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Head of School Challenge

To help celebrate our 15th anniversary and highlight our community’s many strengths and interests, we’re excited to announce the Head of School Challenge. We’ve designed 15 challenges around the arts, athletics, reading, social and emotional health, and more for students to participate in throughout the year! 

All students will receive a checklist of the 15 Head of School challenges and will have all school year to complete them. Each completed challenge will earn 15 House Points. In addition, there are some great prizes:

  • 1st Place 

    • 150 House Points and $150 in Siena Spirit Wear 
  • 2nd Place

    • 75 House Points and $75 in Siena Spirit Wear
  • Top 15 Finishers

    • 15 House Points and a $15 gift card to Politics & Prose Bookstore 
  • Mystery Prize

    • Students who have completed at least 5 challenges will be entered into a drawing for a Mystery Prize
Will you rise to the challenge?

Will You Rise To the Challenge?

Animate the name SIENA by code and share a picture or video of the final product! You can find coding instructions here. Change the color, spin letters, grow and shrink letters: let's see your creativity!

15 Day Photo Challenge: Snap a picture a day to create a collage, include at least one Siena-related photo (Siena gear, Wildcat, logo, school colors etc.), and then share the final product as a collage.

Find the number 15 when you're out and about, take a selfie with it (with some Siena gear!), and submit the picture. Here is a great example!

Track your reading this year and see how many books it takes you to reach 1,500 pages of reading.  Log each book read and the number of pages—keep calm and read on!

 Play your favorite sport or exercise 3 times per week (for at least 15 minutes) for a month.  Then track your efforts on the Challenge Form.

Perform 15 acts of kindness this year. How can you help others? And, what will you learn about yourself while doing it?  Complete the form with a simple reflection. 

Submit an original drawing or art project with a 15 or Siena (logo, school colors, Wiley Wildcat, athletic logo, etc).  Upload the final project by taking a photo and submitting it to the Challenge Form.

Create something Siena-related in writing, poem, song, dance, images, video, or even Lego. Examples: Wiley the Wildcat, our school or athletic logo, your favorite classroom, a school memory, or what Siena means to you. Submit a photo or video of the completed project to the Challenge Form.

Try a new sport, hobby, activity, or skill. What have you always wanted to try? Reflect on your experience in the challenge form.

Which teachers have helped or supported you this year? Be sure to thank them for their help. Keep track of the 15 teachers you've thanked and submit them all at once to the form!

Do yoga or meditate for 15 minutes a day for 15 days. What changes in mood, energy, focus or strength do you notice? Reflect in the challenge form!

Thank 15 people by sending them a note or card. It could be a friend, family member, tutor, neighbor—it is up to you! Log the number of cards sent to each group of people in the challenge form.

Create a stop-motion movie, comic, illustration, flipbook, or video incorporating a 15. Siena students love LEGO! Let's see how creative we get this year. Upload your photo or video to the challenge form.

Attend 15 Siena events this year. They could be virtual events or the in-person social activities at Siena. Submit names of school events to the form.

Some possible events: 

  • Student Orientation
  • Social Activities by grade
  • Siena Celebration
  • High School Preview Night

Film a TikTok Dance wearing your Siena gear. Remember: You don't need to have a TikTok account; just dance and then submit the final video.  Keep in mind that music needs to be school appropriate. 

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