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Siena Community Art Project


  • This project is open to all members of the Siena community: students, parents and other family members, faculty and staff, alumni, Board members, and more.
  • Match the prompt color to the shape and draw your response
  • Cut out shapes
  • Write your name on the back of each shape
  • Turn in completed shapes by Tuesday, April 23rd
  • Contact with questions. 

We'll eventually display all art on each campus as a community art installation! 

Use These Examples

What Makes You Proud of Yourself?

  • Ability to create
  • Passions and hobbies
  • Unique personality traits 
  • Ways of caring for, serving, and/or helping others 
  • Accomplishments in and out of school 
  • Athletic abilities
  • Cooking or crafting skills
  • Identity and culture

Imagine How You Could Do Something Good for the World.

  • Helping your friends or family
  • Making someone's day brighter
  • Empowering others and speaking up
  • Making a positive difference (either for one person or many people)
  • Creating or designing something that would help others
  • Helping the environment and improving sustainability 

Picture Yourself Reaching Your Goals and Dreams. 

  • Improving your reading and writing skills
  • Being creative in visual art, music, writing, or theatre
  • Getting the role you want in a play or musical performance
  • Learning to drive
  • Graduating from Siena—and then college! 
  • Succeeding in a sport or hobby—or learning a new one!
  • Getting the perfect job for you
  • Researching, building, creating, and/or discovering something
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