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The Siena School Scholarship Fund Spring Fundraiser

Our sincere thanks to all of you for your super support, energy, and encouragement last week for the Spring Fundraiser and Art Exhibition.

Thanks to over 100 donors, we raised almost $44,000 for the Scholarship Fund. 

The Spring Fundraiser is our biggest giving event of the year, and—due to the Siena community's incredible support—this was the most successful fundraiser in the history of the Scholarship Fund.

We thank you.

Today is the Day, Siena Heroes!

Welcome to the Spring 2022 fundraiser for The Siena School Scholarship Fund!

We have a very exciting and action-packed day ahead of us to support the Scholarship Fund and celebrate Siena's community of heroes! You'll see lots of great pictures, videos, and more all day. 

We'll also have a series of giving challenges to support Siena scholars and reach our giving goals for today:

  • Alumni Community: The Honn Family (Andrew, ’18) has offered to match the first $100 (dollar for dollar) in donations from the alumni community and alumni families today. 
  • Coffee? Tea? Snack? (9:00am): If we get $1,000 in donations to start off super-strong, our faculty and staff heroes will get a midmorning power up! 
  • Power Hour I (10:00am): Let's keep the morning momentum going: Siena’s retired Director of Finance and Operations Amy Walker and her husband Jonathan have offered a $1,000 match in donations made in the 10:00-11:00am hour to boost our shared community of heroes. 
  • Business and Professional Community Match: Weinfeld Education Group has offered a $500 match in donations made by Siena’s vendor and local business community to honor Siena’s many business and other organizational partners. 
  • Siena Boards Match: Siena's Boards of Directors and Advisors have offered a combined match of $3,100 to honor Siena's community of heroes.
  • Power Hour II (7:00pm): Siena’s Heads of School have offered a combined match of $1,000 in donations made after 7:00pm to supercharge our shared community of heroes during tonight's Virtual Arts Show.

Will you help us have a super-powered and successful Spring Fundraiser? 


What a Super Day!

Our sincerest thanks to the many generous donors who've given today to raise over $39,000 to support Siena scholars and fund Siena futures. Your giving directly impacts Siena families' needs and provides them with the education and environment needed to thrive.

There's still time to donate and have your donation count toward our giving goals for today.

Donate Now

Thank you.

Super Heads of School Challenge

It’s our final Power Hour of the day! Siena’s Heads of School are matching up to $1,000 in donations given after 7:00pm today to help us keep soaring.

Donate Now

Hero Masks and Tattoos

Siena's Faculty and Staff Heroes

Superpowered Siena

Why Do YOU Give?

Siena Boards Match

The Siena School’s Boards of Directors and Advisors are incredibly invested in Siena and the education it offers our students. That’s why they’re matching $3,100 in donations made today!


Double your donation and support our scholars by giving to the scholarship fund.

Donate Now

Siena Superheroes Today (and Every Day)!

Keep Up the Great Work, Siena Community!


Siena Business Partners Challenge

To honor Siena’s business, internship, and other organizational partners, Weinfeld Education Group will match the first $500 in donations made by Siena’s vendor and local business community today. The top 3 donors today will receive 3 shout outs in Siena's weekly community newsletter, Il Giornale.

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Tea? Frappuccino? Midmorning Snack?


Siena students competed in a cross-campus House Program event on Friday April 22! A generous Siena family was inspired by these students' efforts to support the scholarship fund and has made a $5,000 gift to honor Siena's cross-campus community spirit.

Super House Event

Morning Giving Update

Who Is Your Hero?

What is Your Superpower?

Morning Power Hour

Siena’s retired Director of Finance and Operations Amy Walker and her husband Jonathan have offered a $1,000 match in donations made during this morning's Power Hour.

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Breakfast Treats Challenge

We challenge YOU to give $1,000 in donations to unlock tea, coffee, and breakfast snacks for Siena Heroes: Our teachers! 

Donate Now

Up, Up, and Away!

A Siena family has made a super-charged donation today to get the 2022 Spring Fundraiser off to a soaring start.

Doesn't Siena Already Have a Superpower?

The experience our son has had at Siena these past five years has allowed him to grow as a student as well as an individual. By contributing to The Siena School Scholarship Fund, we want this opportunity to be available to more bright, college-bound students, who happen to learn differently.  —Siena Parent

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