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Siena Looking Ahead

Our Strategic Plan was created in 2015, and is in motion for the next 5-10 years!

As you know, a strategic plan provides a roadmap for a school, a guideline that helps a school keep its eye on the future. Over the next 5-10 years, we expect to address many aspects of school improvement, of course, and a strategic plan is designed to be flexible enough to address changing circumstances while keeping a focus on the big picture. 

Siena's plan guides our thinking in four areas: 

  • Developing our space, not only with the current project, scheduled to begin in June 2016, but also continued expansion 
  • Enhancing our academic program by continuing to add more choice and challenge in the curriculum, including science electives and opportunities and more authentic types of assessment 
  • Continuing to build community both within and without the school, including a meaningful relationship with local community groups 
  • Continuing to make Siena a fulfilling place to be, attracting and retaining outstanding staff and students.
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