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Athletics Policies


  1. No player shall use foul or inappropriate language or gestures to their own teammates, other teams, coaches, fans, or referees. Discipline will be at the coach’s discretion and on a case by case basis.
  2. Any physical confrontation will result in a suspension from the game. Depending on severity, this suspension can extend to future games, possibly for the remainder of the season.
  3. Students must complete all homework assignments on time. If a student starts falling behind, he or she needs to ask the subject teacher for help.
  4. Students are representatives of The Siena School and should always show respect for the other schools’ players, staff, buildings and equipment, including cleaning up their bench or field after the game.
  5. Siena will not tolerate bullying of any kind. If it happens and is brought to the coach’s attention, disciplinary action will be taken.
  6. Students are expected to attend all practices and team functions. Absences require a note from a doctor, guardian, or teacher at least one day prior to game or practice.
  7. If a student is absent from school or arrives to school after lunch on game day without a doctor or parents’ note, he/she will not be able to participate in that day's team activity.
  8. If a disagreement with a referee, opposing player, fan, or coach arises during a game, players should bring it to the attention of their coach and let him/her handle it.
  9. Students should always show respect towards coaches, teachers, and administrators.
  10. Always have fun and do your best.


Students are expected to attend all practices and team functions; however, the Athletic Department understands the need for occasional absences due to school, family, religious, and medical commitments. When these occasions arise, a note from the player’s guardian or teacher excusing the player is required. This note must be given to the Athletic Director or to the player’s coach.


If at any time during the course of a game or practice a player bumps their head and a concussion is suspected, that player will be pulled from the game. That player will then need medical clearance before they can resume any team activity.

Parents who are not attending the game will be immediately notified if a concussion is suspected along with any other major injury.


A student must be declared eligible by the Athletic Director and the administration before he or she is allowed to participate on any Siena team. Eligibility for a team is determined by the standards stated below. 


The permission forms can be found on ParentsWeb. The forms must be read, filled out, and fully completed by the parent. A new form needs to be filled out for each athletic season. A student cannot participate in practice or games until these forms are filled out and signed.


An athletic fee is charged for every sport each student plays. The fee is used to pay for equipment, fields, referees, player transportation, and uniforms. Students can participate in three practices but will not be issued a uniform or be able to participate in any games until the fee is paid.


Uniforms are the property of The Siena School’s Athletic Department. Coaches will distribute the uniforms before the first game of the season. The coach will keep a list of all items that have been distributed (jerseys, shorts, etc.) and the student is responsible for those items. It is the student's responsibility to wash their uniform after every game. Uniforms need to be returned no later than 10 days after the last game played. Failure to return the uniform will result in a fee and possible withholding of quarter grades. Students are also responsible to transport and care for their uniform. If a player does not have the proper uniform, they will not be able to play in that day’s game. No student should ever loan their uniform to another player or leave their uniform on the bus.


A student athlete who is on academic probation may be held out of games, temporarily removed from the team, or dismissed from the team if they are not working to meet their academic requirements. Being a member of a Siena team is not an excuse to miss homework, have incomplete assignments, or let the sport interfere with academic performance in any way. Students who receive more than two study halls a week will have to sit out next game or until the work is completed to the satisfaction of the teacher.


Any student who signs up, completes all forms, and pays the fee is a member of the team. All accommodations will be made to play every player during every game but playing time is not guaranteed.


Many factors determine how much playing time a student athlete will receive (e.g. academics, active participation in practice, willingness to be coached, and sportsmanship). Physical skill is important, but academics and attitude are equally important. It is the decision of the coach and his or her assistants which players start a game, how long they play and what positions they will play.

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