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11th Grade College Counseling

Color Coding: Student Responsibilities, Events, Student and Family Steps


  • Concentrate on your schoolwork and your activities. The college search process begins in earnest after the 1st quarter.

  • In October take the Mock ACT again. Your results will give you a good sense of how you should prepare for the ACT.

  • Provide Siena with a copy of your updated psycho-educational testing final report so that we can use it to provide accommodations on standardized tests.

  • Attend the Introduction to the College Process Junior Meeting. Ms. Carpenter will discuss the different aspects of the college application and some key information about academic accommodations at the college level.

  • Complete the Parent and Student College Questionnaires and start reflecting on your interests and values. What do you want to study in college? What type of college community do you want to be a part of?

  • Attend Information Sessions given by visiting colleges. Ask the college representatives questions about your interests and the programs at their schools.


  • Concentrate on your schoolwork and your activities. The midterm assessments are worth 10% of your semester grade.

  • Meet with Mrs. Carpenter for an in-depth interview about your interests and values. She will use this meeting, and the questionnaires you completed, to create an initial list of colleges for you to explore.

  • Meet with Mrs. Carpenter and your family to discuss your college list and next steps.

  • Attend the Information Session on Preparing for the ACT with Judy Bass.

  • Prepare for the ACT. Work one-on-one with a tutor, or complete some practice exams. You should focus on improving your strongest areas since the test averages your scores in the four subjects. We have also found that with practice, students see big improvement in their science scores.

  • Complete an internship directly linked to what you would like to study in college or to a career you would like pursue after college. Speak to your sponsor about how they prepared for their career. What did they study in college?


  • Research and visit the colleges on your list. Spring Break is a great time to visit schools and speak to students. Take notes and keep a visual record of your trips. Be sure to visit the Learning Center or Office of Disability Services at each of the colleges you visit. You’ll want to ask about the level of support they offer and the types of accommodations they provide. Communicate with Mrs. Carpenter so that she can point you to other schools that may fit your interests.

  • Write your college essay in English 11. This is your chance to tell your story and to infuse your application with your personality.

  • Ask 2 teachers for letters of recommendation. You’ll want one from a Humanities teacher (English or History) and one from a teacher in an area that interests you. Mrs. Carpenter will also write a letter for you.

  • In April attend the WAIS College Fair. This is a unique opportunity for you to introduce yourselves to and ask questions of representatives from many colleges. This is the best college fair offered in the area.

  • Attend the Young Alumni Panel Presentation, where you will hear from several young Siena alumni as they share their perspectives on how to successfully transition to college.

  • Take the ACT. Your goal should be to do well enough that you won’t need to take it again. Colleges want to see a combined score of at least a 19.


  • Continue to investigate colleges. This is the time to narrow your list and to decide which schools you’ll apply to. Create a list of their deadlines and admissions requirements.

  • Create a formal email address (with your name in it) that you will use exclusively for colleges.

  • Create a profile on the Common Application: and begin your applications. You’ll be in good shape if you complete your profile before the school year begins.

  • Pursue a summer job or internship that allows you to continue to explore your college interests. Showing more independence and dedication to your passions will impress colleges.

  • Communicate with Mrs. Carpenter about what colleges you would like to visit Siena in the fall.

  • Communicate with Mrs. Carpenter if you have questions once you receive your ACT scores. If you want to retake the ACT in September, you must notify us by August 1 so that we have time to register you.

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