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In 2007, the school established the Siena Cypress Leadership Award, given annually to recognize individuals who have made significant contributions to the education of students who learn differently. For centuries, Cypress trees have been planted to honor people of significant accomplishment. The Siena award, hand-crafted each year, includes a larger and smaller cypress tree and captures the spirit of the school reflecting mentorship, creativity and resilience.

William Stixrud, Phd., 2007

Rick Riordan, 2008

Claire Nissenbaum, 2009

Thomas West, 2010

Dr. Martha Denckla, 2011

Dr. Gordon Sherman, 2012

Dr. Larry Silver, 2013

Dr. Kathleen Nadeau, 2014
Quinn Bradlee, 2015
Marilyn Zecher, 2016
 Learning Ally, 2017
Weinfeld Education Group, 2018

Senator Craig Zucker and Delegate Eric Luedtke, 2019


Atlantic Seaboard Dyslexia Education Center (ASDEC)

Judy Bass (Bass Educational Services)

Connie Belfiore (Friends Community School)
Dr. Sarah Irvine Belson (School of Education, Teaching and Health, American University)

Ms. Suzanne Keith Blattner (ITS for Children and Families)
Rebecca Blodgett

Elliot Blumenstein, Psy.D.
Kevin Bowlin, (Printing and Promotional Unlimited, Inc)

Timothy Brown (Arent Fox LLP)

Tom Carr, Carr Design and Construction Solutions LLC

Jose Dominguez (Pryamid Altantic Art Center)
R. Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center

Guinevere Eden, Ph.D.
Paul Elbo (PRS Assoc.)
Janice Ellis

Valerie Ervin (Montgomery County Councilmember, 5th District)

Bill Gray

Dave Gudes

George Washington University– Meltzer Psychological Center

Margaret R. Harrington, Ed.D. (Victory Schools)
Rickie Hartman

Pastor Joel Hawthorne, Montgomery Hills Baptist Church

Susan Healy, (LDA-MC)
Ann Hoopes

Georgia K. Irvin/Pamela Tedeschi

Agnes Jones-Trower, Ph.D.

Pearl R. Kane, Ed.D. (Teachers College, Columbia University)
Kevin Kearney (Highwood Theatre)

Terri King, Montgomery Hills Baptist Church

Michael Krasnow, Judge

Kennedy Krieger Institute

Natalia Kromeluk (The Field School)

E. Jane McCarthy
David Meininger

Katherine K. Merseth, Ed.D. (Harvard Graduate School of Education)

David Meininger, SFCCA

Milton Janitorial Services

Montgomery Hills Baptist Church

Mr. Matthew Moyer (National Geographic)

NeuroBehavioral Associates

Ms. Caryn G. Pass (Venable LLP)

Allen Perper (Alumni Parent and 

Mr. Lou Salza, M.Ed. (Lawrence School)

The School Counseling Group

Ms. Rhona Schwartz, M.A. (The Katherine Thomas School)
The Siena School Scholarship Foundation

Larry B. Silver, M.D.

Aaron Smith, A. Morton Thomas & Associates, Inc.

Ruth B. Spodak, Ph.D. & Associates

Nancy Streim, Ph.D. (Univ. of Pennsylvania, Graduate School of Education)

Susan L. Van Ost, Ph.D.

Washington Scholarship Fund

Mr. Rich Weinfeld (The Weinfeld Education Group)

Ms. Abigail B. Wiebenson (Lowell School)

William R. Stixrud, Ph.D., & Associates

Ms. Janet L. Wintrol (Ivymount School)

Marilyn Zecher (ASDEC)

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