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Siena Alumni Page

Celebrating Our Alumni: Updates, Success Stories, Pictures, and More 

As a Siena alumnus, you’re part of a growing tradition of students who’ve gained the key skills, tools, and confidence to become lifelong learners. We’re thrilled to launch this alumni page to share events, updates, throwback pictures, and more. We’re also exploring options for an alumni focus group, professional mentoring group, and volunteer opportunities, so stay tuned as we continue to grow our alumni network. 

Keep checking back here for some Now & Then photos, digital yearbooks, and more! Thank you again for being a part of the Siena community, and for continuing to be a Siena advocate. Whether you’ve graduated, changed jobs, gotten married, or just want to send a note, you can always update us using the form below

And, as always, follow your tracks back to Siena.

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Siena Athletics Hall of Fame

Siena Athletics Hall of Fame: Class of 2023

Olivia Douglas, '17 

John Fair, '17

Ayelet Berkowitz, '16

Siena Athletics Hall of Fame: Inaugural Class of 2022

Chase Miles, '15

Ryan Salomon, '12

Hunter Fagan, '17


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Alumni News and Updates

Every Wildcat has a story:

Aaron Byington (Class of 2018) graduated from Elon College in August 2023 majoring in Project Management and Cinema & Television Arts. He's considering graduate school to continue his education as well as exploring the job market for work in project management, communications, or videography.  

A graduate of the University of Hartford, Grace Sierra (Class of 2018) is currently an industrial engineer with the Schaeffler Group 

Makayla Davis (Class of 2020) graduated from Johnson & Wales University in May 2024 with a B.A. majoring in Hospitality. She's currently working for Hilton. 

Sophie Laclef (Class of 2020) graduated from Dickinson College in May 2024 with a B.A. majoring in French & Francophone Studies with a concentration in Food Studies with Pi Beta Phi honors.

Lainey Polmateer (Class of 2020) has been on the Dean's List three semesters in a row at High Point University. She's now a member of the Creative Arts Fellowship filled with different courses—from creative writing to interior design. She's also an active member of the Fashion Forward club and has been elected as the president of the Art Club.

Alex Sklar (Class of 2020) graduated from Towson University with a B.S. in Metropolitan Studies, with minors in Geography and Political Science, maintaining a 3.5 GPA. Next year, he will be attending the University of Maryland to pursue a Master's in Community Planning and is considering adding a dual Master's in Real Estate Development. His career goals include working for a private Urban Planning and Development firm after graduate school.

Jordan Solomon (Class of 2020) graduated from High Point University in May 2024 with a major in Business (concentrating in entrepreneurship). Among other extracurricular activities at High Point, he has worked as a DJ for various school and club events. “It feels awesome,” he shared about graduating from college. 

Javier Velasquez (Class of 2020) just finished his junior year at McDaniel College, with a major in art specializing in graphic design. He's also preparing for an internship in videography for Summer 2023. 

Alison Weinberger (Class of 2020) graduated from McDaniel College in May 2024 with a major in graphic design. Among other activities, she ran McDaniel's graphic design Instagram feed and helped promote the stickers, as well as the different events the Art Department hosted. 

Amaris Arellano (Class of 2021) is excited to be starting her junior year of college at Texas Christian University, majoring in Interior Design and pursuing a certification in Arts Leadership and Entrepreneurship. She plans to study abroad in Florence, Italy, in the spring 2024 semester and is slated to graduate in 2025. Amaris is especially proud to announce that she's the owner and founder of ARÉ Vegan Beauty, an all-natural vegan brand that makes clean beauty products. She became an official business owner in the state of Maryland in July 2022 and now sells her lip balms in Washington, DC. She recently donated 50 lip balms to the Stepping Stones Shelter in Rockville, Maryland. She's very excited to see where her business goes!

Paige Orland (Class of 2011) works as a Graphic Designer at Cisco Talos Intelligence Group.

Rael Griffin (Class of 2015) graduated from American University in spring 2020.

Max Klaverkamp (Class of 2016) graduated from Roanoke College in May 2021 with a degree in environmental science. After working in Roanoke as a bike mechanic after graduation, Max moved to Chattanooga, TN, to start a new chapter and explore new trails. He's planning to use the change as a fresh start to look for a job that uses his degree, while working as a bike mechanic and exploring the great outdoors in his new city.

Liz Mayio (Class of 2016) is currently applying to graduate programs for a doctorate in physical therapy.

Sydney Campbell (Class of 2017) was just accepted into the PsyD program at Indiana University of Pennsylvania and will start classes in the fall.

Liv-e Douglas (Class of 2017) graduated from Goucher College in Spring 2022 with a major in professional and creative writing. After graduation, Liv-e plans to start working as a teacher for Success Academy in New York City.

Austin Hill (Class of 2017) graduated from Montgomery College in August 2020 with a general studies degree in Administration and Health. He's taking classes required for certification as an Ice Technician. He plans to continue working with the Maryland National Capital Parks and Planning Commission and move into a full-time position as an Ice Tech for one of their ice rinks. He’s worked part-time at their Wheaton and Cabin John ice rinks for the last 3 years, thanks to one of his Siena internships.

Andrew Honn (Class of 2018) had a strong finish to his sophomore year at Guilford College, recently learning that he had made the dean's list. As a History major, he is looking forward to a deep dive into the history of religion in the U.S. when he gets back to school in the fall. 

Partha Roy (Class of 2018) graduated from Eastern Mennonite University Magna Cum Laude with a double major in Global Studies and Interdisciplinary Music in Spring 2022. He recently started a new job as a Ramp Agent for Southwest Airlines at Denver International Airport. 

Aaron Czajkowski (Class of 2019) attended a study abroad program in Fall 2022 with Kansai Gaidai University's Asian Studies Program located in Hirakata, Osaka, Japan.

Michael Rubin (Class of 2019) is finishing his junior year at the University of Colorado at Boulder. He is working toward earning a B.A. in Art. In Summer 2022, in addition to taking classes remotely at Boulder, he volunteered at the Barrie Camp teaching Tae Kwon Do (he has a third degree blackbelt).

Alex Sklar (Class of 2020)  recently declared a Political Science minor to pair up with his Metropolitan Studies major at Towson University. He's also been seeking out internships in the realm of urban planning. In the fall, he plans to look into applying to graduate schools for urban planning.

Jordan Solomon (Class of 2020) finished his freshman year at High Point University. 

Chase Stingley (Class of 2020) hiked the Appalachian Trail in spring–summer 2021. He's hiked over 600 miles, and it's been a wonderful experience so far. He’ll hopefully write a book about his experiences one day. 

Javier Velasquez (Class of 2020) finished his freshman year at McDaniel College.

Anjani Martins (Class of 2021) performed in the McDaniel College Band Concert through their Music Department in May 2023. Martins is also a Global Fellow at McDaniel College, where she's a sophomore working toward a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish with an Education minor. Martins is 1 of 16 students chosen for Global Fellows, a three-year program designed to enhance students' understanding of global issues, develop heightened intercultural competency, and cultivate the skills and attitudes important to leading successful lives in a global context. In Fall 2022, she joined college band and really enjoys playing flute. She's also living in a Spanish house, which she feels is challenging but also fun and exciting.

Aryn Cowan (Class of 2022) is proud to report that she is staying busy and following her interest in business at High Point University. In addition to taking classes on macroeconomics and business ethics, she's pledging a business fraternity. Her main pledge task is to network with fraternity alumni through Linkedin. She shared that her favorite thing about her classes are her professors who make it easy to use her accommodations. To make time for socializing, she sticks to a strict homework schedule and studies in the library with noise canceling headphones. Just like at Siena she's involved in campus organizations. She's joined the Black Student Union and the Black Culture Awareness Club. All in all, she's proud of herself for managing her time and getting involved.

At Savannah College of Art and Design, Mitch Ebert (Class of 2022) is taking a design class, a drawing class, an art history class, and a freshman orientation class. He's been able to focus on his artistic strengths and is finding his classes interesting. In his drawing class he's designing an album cover and is feeling confident in his work since he's showing it off to family and friends. In terms of the social side of college, Mitch has met people by hanging out with his roommate and signing up for a drawing club. He's also looking into joining the club soccer team.

Amara Goeke-Morey (Class of 2022), who is at Lynn University in Florida, has established her accommodations and is using them to her advantage as she takes Economics, Foundations of Justice, and Lynn 101. Since it's always warm, she likes to go to the beach or the pool with friends. To balance her class work and social life, she studies at the same time every day. She's also using her Step Up to Writing tools and she showed them to her friends as well. At Siena, Amara was known for her photography, and while she isn't taking a photography class this semester, she is still taking lots of pictures for fun.

Max McIntyre (Class of 2022) is enjoying his freshman year at Drexel University in Philadelphia. He's using what he learned at Siena about self-advocacy. He hangs back after classes to introduce himself to his professors and ask questions, and as a result he's finding his professors are extremely accommodating. He is especially enjoying his Calculus and Chemistry classes. While right now Max is focused on adjusting to the academic demands of college, he's still running. Every day he runs from campus to the Schuylkill River. He's planning to join the running club and he's looking for a D&D club to join too.

Solana Ramirez (Class of 2022) is doing well at the University of Delaware where she's taking a full load of courses with Biology, Psychology, Anatomy, Nutrition, Nursing 101, and Freshman Seminar. To ensure she's prepared for these demanding classes she created a schedule for everything, including when to study and do laundry. She also is making use of her accommodations and she shared that since Siena taught her how to establish her accommodations, she was able to help a friend through the process. Her hard work is paying off and she earned all As and Bs on her midterm exams. When she is not hard at work for her classes, she is adjusting to living in a dorm and she joined Book Club and Volunteer Club to make friends.

Kendall Rapp (Class of 2022) is doing well in her first semester at American University. She is majoring in journalism and pursuing a double minor in communications and graphic design. She is also one of the newest members of American's K-Pop dance team, K-District. She also might become a tour guide next semester and, after her writing professor's encouragement, is eying work next year in the University Writing Center.

Melody Stone (Class of 2022) is enjoying the freedom she has and how she can schedule her own time at the College of Charleston. To stay organized she created her own planner in a blank notebook. She frequently checks the syllabus for each of her classes and updates her planner with tasks to complete over the upcoming week. Her favorite classes are her sculpture and drawing classes since she can focus on being creative and expressive. She's following her interest in art in some of her other classes too, including art history. When she's not working on her art, she and her friends do homework together and explore Charleston. Her favorite spot is the peninsula where you're surrounded by water.

At High Point University, Taylor Wibberley (Class of 2022) is taking on new challenges as an Interior Design major. Already she's using 3D software to design furniture and rooms. She reported that she really likes how she's met new people with similar interests through her classes. To find success in her academics she prioritizes work based on when it's due and sets a daily goal. When she meets that goal she rewards herself by doing something social with her friends. This system must be working because while she thought it would take her a while to adjust to new standards, she's excited to let us know that she started earning good grades right away.

At Coastal Carolina University, Simon Wollman (Class of 2022) likes how in college he can take classes that focus on his interests in sports and business. His classes this semester include Pickle Ball and Golf Management. To stay on top of his work, he completes his homework right after his classes each day when the lectures are still fresh in his mind. Simon is also really enjoying the social side of college. He likes being around new people and spending every day with the friends he's made. They go to football games and other sporting events. Next semester he's looking forward to playing more golf as part of his Golf Management major.

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Alumni Success Story

To me, modeling success as someone with dyslexia isn’t about how fast or well I can read and write now. It’s about being able to go into life as an adult and find or create accommodations that I need to be successful, as well as going into the rest of my life with a better understanding of how to be proactive because dyslexia doesn’t go away. –Meribor Matusow, Class of 2018 

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Did you know? Siena's Class of 2024 has been offered an historic $6,704,800 over 4 years in merit scholarships by the various colleges they applied to.

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