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9th Grade College Counseling

Color Coding: Student Responsibilities, Events, Student and Family Steps

  • Concentrate on doing well in school. Grades are the most important part of any college application.

  • Talk with your Advisor about how you’re transitioning to high school and how you might employ strategies and tools to be successful.

  • Self-advocate with your teachers for extra help and to develop a strong foundation of knowledge.

  • Explore extracurricular interests. These might include sports, school clubs, volunteer work, part-time jobs, religious activities, and fine arts lessons and activities. Remember: colleges also like to see continual commitment to a core group of activities rather than a tenuous connection to numerous ones.

  • Start a folder of accomplishments (such as grade reports, awards, prizes, team memberships, leadership positions, jobs). Maintain this folder through 12th grade. It is invaluable when preparing a resume.

  • Secure an internship that allows you to explore interests you’ll want to study in college.

  • Attend the College Process and Financial Aid Information Sessions to get a feel for the scope of the college process and how to prepare for it.

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