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Paving the way to student success

The elementary program offers daily reading classes that are individualized for each student to help them make steady gains in their reading and language acquisition. Students work in small, flexible groups on the five basic areas of reading instruction. Using tools such as Brain Gym, students learn self-awareness and are grounded by reinforcing their sense of directionality. Teachers use pictures, videos, sign language, movement exercises, and more to improve phonemic awareness, decoding, and spelling. Special attention is directed towards imaging language at the word, sentence, and paragraph level as students receive direct instruction in fluency and practice through repeated reading of nonfiction, poetry, tall tales, and more.

Students participate in weekly book clubs where they share independent readings with their peers and apply comprehension skills as they recall and retell their stories. Most importantly, teachers work with each student to help them access materials, in both print and audio formats, that are at their interest level as they expand their reading repertoire.    

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