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Employment at Siena

The Siena School is always interested in speaking with highly qualified teachers, staff and administrators that share our passion for teaching children with different learning styles.  While we may not always have a position available, we are happy to learn more about your interests and keep your information on file.  Given our continuing growth, it is likely that we may have a position of interest available in the future.  
If you are interested in applying for a position, please submit a cover letter and resume to


Upper Elementary Teacher, Full-Time

The Siena School is seeking a full-time upper elementary teacher (starting in January 2021) who is passionate about teaching and an advocate for children with learning differences. We are looking for a highly collaborative teacher committed to designing and adapting instruction to meet a range of student learning needs and interests and committed to multisensory and differentiated instruction.

At The Siena School, teachers encourage students' creative expression, incorporate student interest and passions, and develop critical thinking by creating a vibrant, student-centered environment that supports the learning and personal growth of each student. Siena faculty and staff work collaboratively with students, parents and professionals to create a nurturing but rigorous learning environment. We know our children well and engage them on a daily basis in exciting, intellectual dialogue. Through individualized, multisensory instruction, students develop critical thinking skills and acquire the tools and strategies needed to become successful and independent learners.  A positive learning experience inspires our students to have confidence in themselves and their abilities.

Siena teachers work with students in small classes of 10:1 and address their individualized needs through both small-group and individualized instruction. They are skillful in establishing a strong relationship with students and creating learning opportunities that motivate and inspire students to develop all aspects of their learning needs.

Responsibilities include:

  • Teaching on-site and via Zoom in synchronous and asynchronous models
  • Sharing teaching responsibilities with other teachers in the 4th/5th grade classroom
  • Advising students and working with students, parents, and other teachers to fully develop a picture of students’ strengths and learning needs  
  • Creating lesson plans and adapting curriculum to teach Language Arts, math, social studies, and science
  • Regular and consistent communication with students, parents and colleagues


  • Demonstrated career interest in education
  • Bachelor's degree with a strong academic track record. Advanced degree and 2-5 years of classroom experience preferred
  • Strong language skills and a desire to make a difference for students whose intellect is ahead of their literacy skills
  • Promoting joyful student engagement and a commitment to the education of dyslexic students are essential.
  • Comfort level with elementary-age children, student-advocacy practices, and inquiry-based instruction
  • Training or classroom experience with elementary grades, differentiation and/or students with learning differences/dyslexia 
  • Training in multisensory, structured language education desirable but not required since Siena has targeted and on-going professional development in reading instruction/learning differences
  • Candidates from diverse backgrounds are strongly encouraged to apply.

The Siena School, grades 4-12, is entering its 15th year, with an expanding enrollment.  The school serves bright college-bound students with mild to moderate language-based learning differences, such as dyslexia. Experience working with students with learning differences preferred.

Specialized Teachers to Tutor Students with Learning Differences, part time

The Siena School is hiring tutors for elementary, middle and high school students to provide targeted instruction and support in reading, writing, math, executive functioning skills, and other core subjects. Our Tutors work 1:1 with students outside of school hours to target skill development, support knowledge and use of student learning strategies, and promote healthy self-confidence. We are looking for tutors who understand the connections with language and learning, have excellent people skills, and are enthusiastic about helping children who learn differently. 

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Provide individual, regular tutoring sessions with students in a specific area of support  (executive function skills/organization, the writing process, reading development, math, and/or other subject specific support such as science or social studies).
  • Consistent and regular parent communication regarding student’s progress.
  • Collaborate with classroom teachers to tailor the tutoring experience to the individual needs of each student with focused comments on important aspects of a student’s progress, and clearly identified goals for further progress in the specific area of focus.
  • Accurate record keeping, including logging hours.
  • Regular feedback to the Director of Tutoring.
  • Develop learning plans, implement assessments, and report student progress under the direction of the Director of Tutoring Services.


All Tutors

  • Bachelor's degree with a strong academic track record. 
  • Advanced degree and 2-5 years of classroom experience preferred.
  • Experience teaching/tutoring elementary, middle and/or high school students including students with learning differences/dyslexia; training or classroom experience working with students one-on-one or in small groups and with differentiation strategies.
  • Training in multisensory, structured language education desirable. 
  • Available after school, evenings and/or weekends; hours are flexible.
  • Engage in professional development provided by The Siena School.
  • Strong language skills and a desire to make a difference for students whose intellect is ahead of their literacy skills.
  • High degree of reliability and consistency and strong organizational skills.
  • Attention to detail regarding work schedule, assessment, and paperwork.
  • Able to work remotely with reliable internet access and computer to provide on-line tutoring. Some tutoring positions will transition to in-person work as is deemed safe to return due to Covid-19, while other Siena tutors will continue to work virtually with students as family and schooling needs dictate.
  • Strong technology skills (especially Microsoft OS, MS Office programs, Google Suite).
  • Comfortable with and uses technology tools for instruction, planning, and communication. Willing to learn new uses/applications of technology tools to support individual student’s needs.
  • Personable and joyful working with school-age children.

Specific to Reading Tutors

  • Reading training (e.g. Orton Gillingham).
  • Knowledge in the core processes, skills, and content of reading and its relationship to listening, speaking, and writing.
  • Understand the reading process, particularly phonemic awareness, phonics, comprehension, decoding, strategic reading, and the application of these skills.
  • Experience teaching specific elements of reading instruction in 1:1 and/or small groups.

Hourly pay dependent on experience and qualifications.

The Siena School ( in Silver Spring, Maryland, is in its 15th year with an expanding enrollment. The Siena School has become a national leader in educating bright, college-bound students with mild to moderate language-based learning differences. With 130 students in grades 4-12, including 40% students of color, the school has completed a new wing, increasing capacity to over 150 students. The school focuses on the professional development of its staff who have presented at national and international conferences, including the NAIS Annual Conference. Siena is accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.

Siena School is committed to equitable hiring practices, and enthusiastically encourages professionals of all backgrounds to apply.

How to Apply / Contact

For immediate consideration, interested candidates are encouraged to submit a cover letter and resume to Ann Mullen at No phone calls please.


Substitute Teacher Position

The Siena School seeks substitute teachers to assist with daily teaching requirements on an as-needed basis. The school serves bright college-bound students with mild to moderate language-based learning differences, such as dyslexia. Experience working with students with learning differences preferred.


Please check back here for future opportunities. 

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