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What is being said about Siena?

Hear from our community:

Hear from Siena's DEI Director, Students, and Parents

It seems like these amazing kids have finally found their place and are able to go back to being kids [....] For my child, this is definitely the case. In the last few months, I’ve seen the return of my smart, funny, fact-quoting, information-storing, wonderful child. —Siena Elementary Parent

Hear from Siena Faculty

“I can’t tell you how grateful I am knowing that my daughter is getting the best there is. She deserves it – the quality, the high standards, the care. They simply wouldn’t give her that at other schools.”

“We are absolutely thrilled with Siena! Our son’s self esteem has risen tremendously because Siena’s teaching methods allow him to succeed. As he said, ‘I’m finally in a place where stuff sticks in my head!’”

“My daughter is becoming more confident in her abilities. She doesn’t stress over homework the way she did in public schools. She is retaining information much better too. All of the teachers really understand my daughter and work with her to meet her needs. I really appreciate the way the school (administrators and teachers) see my daughter as a whole person, focusing not only on her academic growth but also on her personal (emotional and physical) growth. At Siena, she is more than a student, she is a teenager with a great deal of potential and all the staff at Siena are truly vested in seeing her reach her full potential as a complete person. It is just wonderful to watch her grow.”

“My son now knows that he is smart and can learn.”

“Finally, a school that not only is able to work through [our son’s] challenges but can bring out all his gifts and talents.”

“In less than a month, my son’s attitude toward school, homework, and studying has gone from very negative to positive. The environment at Siena has allowed him to feel accepted, earn good grades and experience academic success for the first time in many years. As a parent, I couldn’t be happier.”

“This is a high quality school, with clear goals and talented, nurturing faculty and administration.”

“Siena does an excellent job keeping the students organized. The staff is strongly invested in the success of my child both academically and emotionally.”

“We are extremely pleased that our daughter found The Siena School. Her enthusiasm for learning has increased with her expectation of success. Many days she comes home with an exciting fact or theory she has learned or some activity the class is planning. Pizza every Tuesday, picnic in the park lunch on Wednesdays, and once a month movies and dinner add to the collective enthusiasm of the students.”

“I have already seen substantial improvement in my child’s performance and am thrilled!”

“Siena appears to be addressing all of the different learning issues my daughter has in a concerted way. The best part is that in each class the goal is to repeat the skill-strengthening approaches.”

“The Siena School is providing a rigorous academic program to bright, college-bound students with the supports of highly skilled educators and experienced administrators – they are providing exactly what they promised to provide in their literature, on-site tours and website!”

“I was very impressed with the faculty presentations during back to school night.”

“The school has made a world a difference for my daughter. Before she was discouraged and frustrated; homework was always a battle. Now she is confident and willing to take risks. People can’t believe me when I tell them that she comes home and gets out her homework and finishes it on her own without any prodding from me!”

“I am new a new parent and so far I have been very satisfied. My child seems to like school and shares with me things he has learned in class.”

“Siena has provided my daughter with a supportive learning environment where she can not only be challenged academically, but encouraged to socialize and lead and try new things!”

“I like Siena because you get more help.”

“I like Siena because it is the easiest school for me to learn in. The teachers here are the nicest out of any other school I’ve been to. When I come to school, I am now eager to learn.”

“This school is different because there are small class sizes and I can ask a lot of questions.”

“I like that the teachers are nice. The class work is fun.”

“Siena is different than other schools. You can talk to the teachers freely instead of having them say “Do your work!” and “I don’t have time for pointless questions.” Another reason is this school is best for me. So far this year I have enjoyed myself and I think it is really helping me.”

“I like the teachers and how they teach me. They take their time and slow down when I need help.”

“I like this school because everybody is nice, friendly, and generous.”

“I like Siena because the teachers here help you a lot. I like it when they help because I need help.”

“I like the people at Siena because they are nice and kind and they are funny. Also I like the teachers because they explain things that my old school didn’t do a good job at.  Also, they work with the students and they help you with anything that you may need help with.”

“I feel comfortable at this school because I have no problems with organization.”

“If I say ‘I can’t do it,’ then the teachers say there’s no such thing as ‘I can’t.’ I now have confidence in myself.”

“I learned something fascinating today.”

“I like Siena because I have a lot of friends at the school and everyone is nice to me. We have stress balls when we are stressed.”

“What I like about Siena School is that it is interesting. It’s small so you can meet everyone and you can’t get lost. It’s different from other schools because it’s cooler.”

"Ryan is wonderful. He finishes assignments way before they are due. He'll come in to his tutor at the learning center with a 5-page rough draft 2 weeks before it is due, ready to work. He has a strong skill set and a great foundation—he knows what he needs to do and is not someone we worry about! We wish all our students were able to work as independently. So many of our students don't know how to ask for help—they are petrified. But Ryan, on his own, will email his professors weeks ahead of time with a draft of a paper attached, asking if he is on the right track. Your school must be doing something great!"
– College Learning Center Director

"The building is lovely and you and the staff have really created a wonderful space and new home for the Siena current and future families. There is no doubt that Siena has become a leader in this area."

"You could see how proud the students were during the entire evening -  their confidence, maturity and genuine appreciation of each other were so evident. Siena is life changing, not just school."   
– area private school head of school

“We have SUCH need for a school such as yours!”  
– area private school consultant

“WOW!  I really like your school, tremendously!  I love the classroom space, the population of the class sizes that are planned and the materials you all have chosen for the curriculum.” 
– learning disabilities tutor/parent advisor

“You have done such a fine job of getting Siena started.  I was tremendously impressed.” 
– private special education school director

“The time and effort that you have put into this school so far is extremely impressive and I cannot wait to refer parents and students to your school.  This is the type of learning environment that so many children need and now may have a chance to experience for themselves.”
– private school consultant

“I was exceptionally impressed by our tour and feel confident that Siena will become a strong and positive influence in our community.  I look forward to working with you and your staff over the years.” 
– private school consultant/parent advocate

“It was such a pleasure to hear about the exciting work you are doing.  You have a terrific and thoughtfully designed program that promises to serve your students well.”
– private special education school leader

“You have no idea what a crucial role Siena is playing.” 
– Washington private school attorney

“I had the opportunity to speak with some of your students and they give the best testimony about the school. Their countenance tells of the success of the school. Some parents stopped me to tell their stories of satisfaction and relief that their children were finally in a place where they could thrive. Siena is a great resource for this community.” 
– Director of a regional center for child and family services

"At my old school they just told me WHAT to do, but at Siena they actually explain the details of each step so I know HOW to do it. I understand the work so much better now [.…] I think Siena is going to be really great for me. I want to stay!" —Siena Summer School Student

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