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The House Program at Siena

Community Building, Mentorship, Social-Emotional Wellness, & Creative Strengths

Modeled after the seventeen Contrade of Siena, Italy, Siena’s House Program offers students year-long opportunities for fun, community-building activities that can help their House win the overall competition. 

All of Siena's students and faculty are sorted into four Houses: Drago, Leocorno, Pantera, and Aquila, which are composed of a mixture of 3rd-12th grade students who compete over the course of the school year in challenges for House points. Siena's House Program was modeled after the seventeen Contrade of Siena, Italy. The Contrade traditions include the yearly Palio horse race, which dates back to the 6th century.

Aquila    |    Pantera    |    Drago    |    Leocorno

Winning The House Championship

Students participate in weekly challenges throughout the school year to earn points for their house. The house with the most points at the end of the school year wins! Apart from winning weekly challenges as a house, students may earn points individually through demonstrating acts of kindness towards others during the school day. 

House Cheers

"We, Aquila

We, Aquila

**Bird Noise**"

"Hey Pantera,
Hey What?
We're so Cool!
Yeah we're cool!
We're so fly
Yeah, we're fly
Come on Panthers.
Try, try, try!"

Drago, Drago
Let's go!"

"You know who,
You know what,
Unicorn Stampede"

Palio Race

The Palio horse race originates in Siena, Italy, and historical records date its origin in the 6th century. This yearly event is enriched through many traditions and customs including house colors and flags! The first House competition at Siena is based on the historic Palio Race. Siena's Palio includes an escape room, trivia questions, a horse race, puzzle-solving, and a search for the trophy.

House Events

  • Palio Race
  • Student/Faculty House Volleyball Game
  • Student/Faculty House Basketball Game
  • Tower Building Competition
  • Student Floor Hockey Game
  • Weekly Assembly


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