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High School Robotics

Siena Silver Spring’s Robotics classes allow students to explore how to design, control, and manipulate automated systems. They hone their critical thinking and conceptualization skills in a creative environment while learning robots’ main components, applying fundamental electronic concepts, and studying how physics and mathematics play a role in robotics. Along the way, they learn how to create circuits and program microcontrollers.

In these collaborative, multisensory classes at our Silver Spring campus, students use fine motor skills to assemble and troubleshoot their robot builds, as well as study concepts like force, torque, and work. Siena’s robotics courses also allow students to understand fundamental programming concepts (e.g., conditional statements, sensing, loops, and variables) and comprehend technical instructions as they design, test, and refine robots to perform specific tasks.  

Winter 2021-2022 Robotics Race

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