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High School Spanish

All high school students at Siena's Silver Spring campus take Spanish courses, which are founded in vocabulary, culture, and conversation. Learning and assessments are designed to capitalize on Siena students' strengths, rather than strictly focusing on writing or rote memorization. Spanish classes focus on conversation, grammar, and storytelling as students develop a solid base knowledge of vocabulary, verb tenses and conjugations, and grammar that will serve them well as they move toward independence as speakers and writers.

Students use the grammatical structures and new vocabulary in daily discussions, paired conversations, written work, prepared presentations, and oral assessments while developing a growing independence of expression. They regularly lead discussions and can focus on art, films, and other areas of interest in independent projects to craft the basic elements of conversation in various contexts. As students take more advanced Spanish classes, they improve their fluency of expression in both personal and professional conversation, as well as form the key tenses and grammatical structures necessary for vibrant and developed conversation in the past and present tenses.


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