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Graduation Requirements

A minimum of 21 credits is required for graduation from The Siena School's Silver Spring campus. The graduation requirements are as follows:

A minimum of 12 credits as follows:

  • 4 credits in English-language arts
  • 2 credits in social studies (to include at least one credit in United States History), and
  • 6 credits in science and mathematics (to include at least two science credits and two mathematics credits)

A minimum of 9 credits as follows:

  • 1 credit in fine arts
  • 1 credit in physical education
  • 2 credits in foreign language or 2 credits in electives
  • 5 credits in electives

60 Service Learning Hours

Siena defines a unit of credit as:

A) a minimum of 120 clock hours of instruction in a particular course; and successful completion of 75% of curricular objectives with a minimum grade of D


B) a planned study program approved by Siena via internships, independent study, and/or work experience.

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