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The Siena Parents Association (SPA) is an integral part of our vibrant school community. The goal of the SPA is to build a strong sense of community among students, parents/legal guardians and staff in support of Siena’s mission and objectives. In order to accomplish this goal, the SPA identifies areas where parents can work together to become a valuable resource for the school, its students, and the staff. Each parent or guardian is a member of the SPA and may participate in its programs and activities. Additionally, all parents/guardians are strongly encouraged to volunteer in support of SPA events. 

To accomplish this, the SPA brings the parents and guardians together to learn about school administration plans and identify areas where parents can work together to strengthen the sense of community at Siena. To this end, the SPA holds monthly meetings throughout the year; parent attendance is critical to its success.

The SPA is a service entity and does not make any policy decisions relating to Siena. However, parents/legal guardians are encouraged to provide input and ideas via the SPA that will help achieve Siena’s mission and objectives.

For more information about how the SPA operates, please see the SPA Operating Principles document accessible from this page.

SPA Executive Committee

The 2021-2022 SPA EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE has several open positions for our next school year. If you would like to become more involved in our Siena parent community, please consider filling one of the open positions listed below.


2021-2022 SPA Leaders and Grade/Division Representatives

SPA Co-President — This position is a two-year commitment with a new co-president cycling in every year. SPA co-presidents will (1) create agendas and preside over regular SPA Executive Committee meetings, (2) work with the Heads of School and the Events/Volunteer Coordinator to create a yearly schedule of SPA topical evening meetings, (3) work with the SPA Treasurer to create and maintain a budget, and (4) help create and present other SPA events.

Oakton — Samaine Lockwood
Silver Spring — Cristena Bach Yeutter

SPA Recording Secretary — The Recording Secretary will attend all SPA Executive Committee Meetings or arrange for a substitute recorder if they cannot be present at a meeting and will take notes to be made available on the Siena website as well as in Il Giornale.

Renana Keynes

SPA Treasurers — The SPA budget is simple and doesn't require special bookkeeping knowledge. Good organizational skills are most important. The SPA treasurers will communicate with each other, the Business Manager, and the Events Coordinator to keep the budget balanced and up to date.

Oakton — Aylin Buikema
Silver Spring — John Levenson

2021-2022 Grade/Division Reps — Grade/Division Reps will assist the Siena Events/Volunteer Coordinator and SPA leadership in promoting events and recruiting volunteers from their child's grade for a variety of events and volunteer opportunities throughout the school year. Additionally, Grade and Division Reps are asked to host or find a host for non-school sanctioned, grade-wide activities such as laser tag, bowling, swimming parties, welcome events, etc. throughout the school year and during holiday breaks.

Grade Reps — Silver Spring
Grades 4/5 — Jennifer Kole
Grade 6 — Michelle Cohen
Grade 7 — Rena Stern
Grade 8 — Danielle Willis
Grade 9 — Kerry Ryan and Carrie Roling
Grade 10 — Meha Desai
Grade 11 — Cristena Bach Yeutter
Grade 12 — Jaimee Wibberley

Division Reps — Oakton
Elementary School — Shari Devlin
Middle School — Alison Garen

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